Celebrating 25 Years Of Giving

Founded in 1994

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2019 Benefit

Cowboys Against Cancer’s annual benefit will be held on November 2nd, 2019 at 4:00 PM at the Sweetwater County Events Complex. . .
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Cowboys Against Cancer
President’s Message 

This is the 25th year Cowboys Against Cancer® has been striving to assist friends in Sweetwater County to help defray expenses in order to receive the treatment they need in fighting cancer. And each year as my own anniversary date approaches reminding me that I am cancer-free, I count my blessings and many friends who helped me through those challenging days. The day never arrives without the accompanying tears that well up in my eyes as I recall the despair and anxiety upon hearing those words, “You have cancer.”

But that initial message of despair was rapidly overcome by the rush of memories of those who immediately came to my rescue- as we have striven to do for so many here in Sweetwater County- in stepping forward to offer an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, and the prayers of all who will not diminish their efforts in this ongoing goal of learning that one is cancer-free or that giant steps are being taken to eradicate this disease.

Each year as we invite our cancer survivors to the stage to be recognized during the Benefit and Banquet, we marvel at not only the increased numbers in attendance, but also at the positive, forceful determination they exhibit in letting us know that we are winning the battle.

Nor do we forget the many who are no longer among us, but whose memories live on in adding the impetus we need when going gets rough and the road ahead seems never-ending. How blessed we are to be able to celebrate the lives of those who set their examples for us by their courage and determination and by the many who assemble each year at the annual benefit to remind us, We CAN make a difference. Thank you – each and every one of you- for being a part of this effort!

 Margaret Parry, President and Founder