CAClogoCowboys Against Cancer was established in 1994 as a corporation that is organized exclusively for charitable purposes to raise funds for disbursement to Sweetwater County residents diagnosed with cancer.

Funds shall be disbursed to cancer patients and their families to assist with travel expenses between Sweetwater County and other areas for medical treatment and/or for the development of cancer treatment facilities in Sweetwater County.

Since its inception, Cowboys Against Cancer® has given out grants to serve hundreds of local cancer patients.

Cowboys Against Cancer is a non-profit volunteer organization. Members serve with no monetary compensation. Additionally, we are proud of the fact that Cowboys Against Cancer® employs no staff members! There is no office space and very little overhead. Thereby, nearly all money generated is given directly to local cancer patients! As such, we’re always seeking volunteers and contributions. If you’d like to help, contact us!

Cowboys Against Cancer is overseen by its Board of Directors and volunteers. They are as follows:

Executive Board Members:

Margaret Parry (24 years) – President & Founder

George Lemich (13 years) – Vice President & Auction Officer

Terry Warren (22 years) – Grant Disbursements

Kathy Devoy (20 years) – Invitations & Tickets

Geannie Berg (10 years) – Auction Coordinator

Cindy Petersen (21 years) – Secretary

Kristi Parry (4 years) – Secretary

Erika Koshar (8 years) – Banquet

Anita Pundurs (4 years) – Treasurer

Cindy Rodriguez (14 years) – At-Large

Volunteer Members 15-22 years:

Sandra DaRif (18 years)

Pat Devoy (19 years)

Debbie Gunn (16 years)

Mary Hardy (22 years)

Mary Juel (22 years)

Veldon Kraft (18 years)

Don Melvin (20 years)

Vance Petersen (22 years)

Becky Sanchez (16 years)

Kelly Shablo (17 years)

Tim Warren (19 years)

Donald Wiggen (21 years)

Volunteer Members 10-14 years:

Beth Ice (13 years)

Christy Lopez (10 years)

Dorothy Mitchell (10 years)

Shanea Mitchell (10 years)

Lola Moore (10 years)

Willie Moore (10 years)

Maurgan Porter (10 years)

George Pryich (11 years)

Kyle Rossetti (11 years)

Patsy Rossetti (13 years)

Laura Schmid-Pizzato (10 years)

Bess Stevenson (12 years)

Volunteer Members 5-9 years:

Tricia Angelovich (5 years)

Janie Bohm (8 years)

Lexi Bedard (9 years)

Julie Bithell (6 years)

Breanna Emden (6 years)

Cee Jay Berg (6 years)

Volunteer Members 5-9 years (Continued):

Marianne Emden (8 years)

Amanda Fuqua (7 years)

Kendra Gunn (8 years)

Amanda Hansen (7 years)

Deanna Hunter (7 years)

Frank Liska (5 years)

Karen “Kitty” Mills (9 years)

Marianna Pizzato (7 years)

Andrea Potter (8 years)

Kayla Shablo (6 years)

Ron Warriner (8 years)

Jaynie Welsh (9 years)

Brittany Wells-Gray (6 years)

Destini Valdez (5 years)

Volunteer Members 0-4 years:

Rachael Bernal (3 years)

Emily Boswell (3 year)

Jennifer Boswell (3 year)

Katelynn Carter (3 year)

RaeAnn Craft (3 year)

Devon Dorigatti (4 years)

Eric Ellis (3 year)

Marki Ellis (3 year)

Traci Ellis (3 year)

Alysa Every (3 year)

Ainhoa Ferrer (3 year)

Kaleah Fleming (3 year)

Cheyenne Irvin (4 years)

Jason Lee (3 year)

MaRee Parker (3 year)

Kristi Parry (4 years)

Deedee Schneiders (4 years)

Rick Shablo (3 year)

Sarah Sheldon (4 years)

Makayla Stanley (3 year)

Jill Swanson (4 year)

Erik Thompson (3 year)

Lisa Tripp (3 year)

Nancy Venable (3 year)

Volunteer Groups:

Green River High School Wrestlers

Rock Springs High School – National Honor Society, Speech and Debate, Student Council

Western Wyoming College Student Athletes